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Build cloud apps using a fast, Serverless runtime with single second deployments.

Animation illustrating Serverless Cloud's fast feedback, deployments, and performance


Whether you're quickly iterating on prototypes, or running applications at massive scale, Serverless Cloud provides the tools and infrastructure needed to build, deploy, and run ultra-modern cloud native applications.

Fast Feedback

Develop on live cloud infrastructure at the speed of local. Serverless Cloud is hyper-optimized to offer sub-5-second code synchronization and real-time streaming logs, directly to your console.

Fast Deployments

No more long-running or timed-out CI/CD processes and slow integration tests. Serverless Cloud deploys fully-tested, stable builds to development or production in mere seconds.

Fast Performance

Backed by bleeding-edge services running on the world's largest and most reliable cloud providers, your applications run at lightning speed—whether your in San Fran, Stockholm, or Shenzhen.

Animation illustrating Serverless Cloud's familiar syntax, concepts, and workflows


We didn't reinvent the wheel, we just made it way more powerful. Write your business logic, and Serverless Cloud will interpret it, provision the required infrastructure, optimize it for performance, and ensure it scales automatically. It's Infrastructure-from-Code.

Familiar Syntax

Our Express.js-like framework lets you declare your business logic and use cases in code, with an API so familiar, you'll be up and running in seconds.

Familiar Concepts

APIs, scheduled tasks, key-value stores, event processing, and more. All the things you use to wire together your applications, accessible through built in helpers.

Familiar Workflows

Push changes instantly, create preview deployments for feature branches, or enable your own CI/CD process. Whether you're a single developer or part of a team.

Animation illustrating Serverless Cloud's frictionless data, teamwork, and management


Now, every developer can have total autonomy. Rapidly create live clones of your applications and data for fast iteration, bug fixing, previewing, feedback, integration testing, and more. All in a matter of seconds, with zero infrastructure to manage.

Frictionless Data

Build stateful applications with our powerful, global scale database, and you can easily seed, clone, and replicate data to give you development super powers.

Frictionless Teamwork

No complex environments to configure or infrastructure to provision. Instantly share resources with teammates, get feedback, test, and iterate at the speed of serverless.

Frictionless Management

Serverless Cloud automatically optimizes your application's infrastructure and provides you with worry-free management of even your most critical services.

Features under development and subject to change without notice
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Live at the Speed of Local

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