Serverless Framework
Test and deploy your serverless apps with ease!
Serverless Framework CI/CD

Optimized for Serverless Workflows

Serverless CI/CD is a new type of testing and deployment automation service laser focused on Serverless Framework development workflows. It is easily configured using concepts familiar to Serverless Framework developers like NPM package scripts, variables, and stages. Preview deployments, promotions and rollbacks are handled using the gitflow you already know and love.

Easy setup, zero maintenance

Connect to your AWS and Github accounts, select your repo, and you are ready to test and deploy. No more configuration of steps, shell scripts, test commands, dependency installation, deploy commands or configuration files in your repo.
Serverless CI/CD inspects the serverless.yml in your repository and automatically configures tests and deployments.

Preview deployments & auto-cleanup

Automatically deploy changes from pull requests to a preview stage so your team can view the test results, deployment status, and test out the services.
When you are done with your pull request and you delete your branch, your services will automatically be removed. Now your environments can stay lean and clean.

Security built-in

No more copying and pasting your AWS account keys or other account credentials into scripts or environment variables.
Serverless CI/CD uses AWS Access Roles to generate short-lived credentials per deployment. And secrets management is built in so you can securely store your secrets and use them when you deploy.

Serverless CI/CD Workflow Guide

Read theServerless CI/CD Workflow Guide!

The Serverless CI/CD Workflow Guide is a comprehensive guide for growing serverless development teams. We developed the guide based on our own practices of dog fooding Serverless Framework Pro and the industry best practices we learned from our customers. You'll how to best organize your apps, services, and repos and how to automate the end to end development process in a scalable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free tier?

Yes, up to 1 concurrent build with the Free tier. No credit card required, just sign up.

How much does it cost if I need more?

You get one free concurrent deployment with the Free tier. The Team tier includes 2 concurrent builds and you can buy more for $25/mo/concurrent build.

Is it just for Serverless Framework?

Yes! Serverless CI/CD is designed around the Serverless Framework to provide a seamless experience for developers. Anything you can deploy with the Serverless Framework you can deploy with Serverless CI/CD. The Serverless Framework is extensible with plugins , so it works with a broad range of services.

Is Serverless CI/CD also available for Enterprise?

Yes, Serverless CI/CD works with the Enterprise tier and it is available for self-hosting.

Are all runtimes supported?

Only the most popular runtimes, Node and Python, are currently supported. These two runtimes account for about 90% of all serverless services. Support for other runtimes is coming soon.

Does Serverless CI/CD support AWS, Azure and GCP?

Only AWS is supported at this time; however, support for other cloud service providers is coming.

Do I need to host, manage, or operate any agents?

Nope! Serverless CI/CD is a 100% SaaS and managed for you. If you prefer to self-host, that is available as an option with the Enterprise tier.

See full architecture diagrams with time-to-market estimates for use cases.