Jeremy Coffield

Jeremy is helping envision and build the future of event-driven development on the Serverless Platform

guides & tutorials - 21.08.18

Strategies for implementing user authentication in serverless applications
Implementing user authentication in serverless applications: storing user info with sessions & JWT, token validity with Lambda Custom Authorizers, user management & more.

written by Jeremy Coffield

guides & tutorials - 23.07.18

Efficient APIs with GraphQL and Serverless
When to use GraphQL, why it simplifies APIs, and how to do it Serverless-ly.

written by Jeremy Coffield

guides & tutorials - 20.10.17

How to Make a Serverless GraphQL API using Lambda and DynamoDB
GraphQL and Serverless play so well together. Learn how to make your own GraphQL API using Lambda an DynamoDB.

written by Jeremy Coffield


How to use multiple runtimes in a single serverless microservice
How to build an application using multiple runtimes to supported mixed-language development with the Serverless Framework

written by Jeremy Coffield

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